From daily to extraordinary tasks by way of your job, La Conciergerie d’Edouard makes your life easier, lighter, and more pleasant in many fields.


Overbooked agenda? Difficulties to combine private and professional life? La Conciergerie d’Edouard suggests taking charge of a part of your daily tasks. The range of services we can offer is extremely wide (not to say endless…): finding a babysitter, going shopping, taking your dog for a walk, finding a plumber, washing your suit, finding someone to look after your house or your pet while you are away…

But La Conciergerie d’Edouard can also prepare your leisure activities in order that you make the most of your spare time. Booking a restaurant or concert tickets, organising your holidays or sports activities, finding heaven on earth for a relaxed afternoon…


La Conciergerie d’Edouard is the privileged assistant of your professional life. Organising your meetings or travels, maintaining a basic service while you are on holiday, taking care of the sending of your parcels or doing some administrative tasks… La Conciergerie d’Edouard is a trustworthy support on which you can rely on.


Business travels in Belgium or abroad? You dream about organising your family holidays but you do not really have time for this? The booking of your tickets, your welcome, your trips on the spot, your accommodation, the activities, the places to visit… The knowhow and contacts of La Conciergerie d’Edouard are at your disposal to plan exactly the travel you need.


What if the range of services offered by La Conciergerie d’Edouard was unlimited? You could rely on us for… everything you can imagine! Organising a wedding, looking for entertaining activities for your child’s birthday, organising a fashion show for your wife’s birthday… Just ask! We will carry out your plans for you!