Company concierge service


You are convinced that your colleagues will give the best of themselves if you take care of them. So we are! Thanks to a personal assistant who will help them solve their problems and have more time, you will also allow their job to be more efficient. Because they will feel privileged, your colleagues will go on surprising you!

La Conciergerie d’Edouard can become this key partner of your company, the partner who will immediately find a baby-sitter to look after your sales person’s sick baby, the partner who will wash your car during a meeting, the partner who will help your secretary when (s)he is snowed under, the partner who will help you move your company and get used to your new town faster…

Is that it? Not at all! La Conciergerie d’Edouard cannot only take care of your employees’ well-being but also of your customers’ well-being. Showing them day by day that your company is definitely different is a very good way to gain their loyalty. Your goals remain the same: quality, quickness, efficiency, and discretion!

There are in practice two possibilities. The first one consists in appealing to a concierge who can be reached by phone, email, or via a secured chat reserved for our customers. The second one consists in providing specific or constant attendance in your office. In all cases we will examine your needs together in order to set up the services that exactly suit you!